The Journey also represents the fripperies

As someone who has been horrified by the steady marginalisation of this great football institution, Hunter’s passion for the FA Cup (driven by a family legacy, as per sports movie tradition) struck a powerful chord with me, and I shared his frustration at being considered too young to feature in a blood-and-thunder cup tie. When Swansea, my chosen team, finally gave him his chance, I was determined that Hunter (fifa 17 coins) would take it – and we did. As he slotted in his third goal the crowd began chanting his name before launching into a full-throated version of Hymns and Arias, and I’m not too proud to say I got a little choked up.

It’s sentimental, but appropriately so – football fans seem especially prone to outbursts of emotion, from full-blown weeping at relegations to misty-eyed reminiscences of “the good old days”. The Journey also represents the fripperies of the modern game well, as you’d expect – from post-match interviews with dialogue responses that can affect your standing with your manager, teammates, and supporters, to a choice of branded boots for your first sponsorship deal. If the excessive branding is a bit of a turn-off, it’s also quite authentic. Otherwise fifa 17 ios coins, The Journey is surprisingly down to earth. Hunter’s more impressed by his achievements on the pitch than what they earn him off it, and there’s a particularly lovely moment where he gets his first full start and experiences a sudden rush of nervous pride at the realisation that he’s going to kick off the game. Aided by a terrific Atticus Ross score, which is emotive without feeling manipulative, The Journey follows its familiar storyline with real conviction.

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