Paving of the ground material should pay attention to some problems

Note that the ground material harmful substances: Select surface materials harmful substances in line with national standards; reasonable mix of ground material, an area of ​​more than one hundred square meters of the room, it is best not to choose a ground material, to prevent the ground material caused by hazardous substances indoor environmental pollution fence
Note that the floor pavement quality: the quality of the ground material pavement is an important aspect of quality floor quality problems, since the pavement quality problems caused by the major aspects, such as the keel problem of solid wood flooring, composite floor joints problems and many more. Floor coverings manufacturers and consumers to pay attention to the quality of site supervision, and pay attention to indicate on the purchase contract.How to choose high-quality wood deck
Note that the quality of support materials include: wood flooring keel below the quality, choice and quality of wood-based panels under the floor of the liner material, careful not to use Daixinban liner made in solid wood flooring or laminate flooring below, because that would seriously polluted indoor surroundings. If desired pavement liner, you can select the new non-polluting materials.outdoor wall Panel

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