Le Monde interview in the fifa 17 coins

Bayern Munich chairman Rummenigge recently accepted the "Le Monde" interview, in the fifa 17 coins interview Rummenigge expressed his appreciation for the former coach Guardiola, while Rummenigge talked about the successor to Bayern Rahm prospects .

"We believe in him," said Rummenigge, referring to Rahm's succession as head coach of Bayern Munich. "He's our captain and he's not just a footballer. Niger also said Bayern sports cheap fut 17 coins "is in the next few years, Hernes and I is an important task.We now have to find the right young man.

At the same time Rummenigge praised the former Bayern coach Guardiola, Rummenigge said: "I want to say, Bayern has never been like under the Guardiola coach so wonderful.We have been able to succeed, but we rarely Was admitted to play wonderful in Guardiola under the coaching of all of us suddenly admired fifa 17 ps3 coins this is his legacy. For playing Fifa 17 online purchasing Buy Fifa Coins is necessary.

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