Juventus club is ready to seize the opportunity

According to gameshop4u reports, Juventus club is ready to seize the opportunity that Iniesta and Barcelona's negotiation stalled to analyze the possibility to introduce the Spanish midfielder.

To introduce Iniesta is very difficult, but Juventus are studying the feasibility of the transfer. Juventus is ready to let Alves convince him to accept their fifa 17 coins. Iniesta and Barcelona contract expires in 2018, but the two sides did not make progress in the negotiation. gameshop4u said that neither the player nor the club knows the other's requirements.

A few months ago, Iniesta expressed the hope to the end his career in Barcelona. At the same time, Iniesta also wanted to become one of the team's highest-paid players. Now their salary burden has been fifa 17 pc coins. Busquets, Neymar and Suarez has contracted, and the club also prepared to provide a large contract to Messi, which caused them unable to give high salary to Iniesta.

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