FIFA investigation Hengda foot school campuses Spain

Recently, Hengda football school executive president Liu Jiangnan, vice president Zheng Min Zhou dedicated to fifa 16 coins Madrid, Spain, meets and escorts FIFA sent senior executives Walter Gach Mr. inspection research Hengda soccer, Spain.

Period, Hengda soccer leaders met with the Spanish football celebrities, including Spanish Federation Chairman Hector, President of the Spanish Olympic Committee Alea Hand Lo, Harvey, the former Secretary of the Spanish Ministry of sports, Madrid Menderes gander city mayor Jesus, Spanish language education of sports department director Miguel and the Embassy of the people's Republic of China in Spain cultural counsellor Liu Wenqiu, young football talent training conducted extensive and in-depth exchanges.

Last summer, the FIFA Executive Walter Gach Mr. had visited Hengda football school, then sent a letter to President Liu Jiangnan, highly affirmed the mode of running a school and the idea, said Hengda football school running experience worthy of fifa 16 android coins in the world to promote.

After the new president Hussein Van Tino took office, once again sent Mr. Gach this week to investigate the Spanish branch. Mr. Gach conducted a three day study of the University of Spain, in-depth investigation and study of students' learning, training, competition, life and other aspects of the study.

Mr. gatch fully recognized and spoke highly of the branch of learning and fifa 17 xbox 360 coins competition and training mode, for the future development of the campus full of confidence, said under the premise of protecting the legitimate rights and interests of young people, as far as possible to provide convenient help young players overall, healthy, rapid growth. To find where and how to buy vip Fifa Coins is on

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