FIFA 17 RELEASE this time is replaced by Turan.

Turan saved Barcelona, only 7 minutes later, fifa 17 coins Barcelona equalized, is Tulan after receiving a pass Neymar with a precise shot break the other door.

In the case of time, Turan helped the team to tie the score, he scored a unique way to kiss the lawn to celebrate. The daily sports newspaper that before Messi injury, Turan prove to Enrique on how to solve this problem, instead of Messi, he is the most effective solution. If a is Neymar played the role of Messi, fifa 17 pc coins this time is replaced by Turan. It is worth mentioning that this is his goal Tulan this season in the Champions League match in the first goal, and his goal of the season has reached 5. In addition, Tulane has 4 assists this season, also that is to say, he has been directly involved in the manufacturing process of the 9 goals.

After the daily sports newspaper Tulan named the best, fifa 17 ultimate coinsgave him a score of 8, 7 points higher than Neymar, the media called him "a star"

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