According to FIFA's statement Krasava

According to fifa 17 coins statement Krasava will be in the local time on Nov. 15 Russia and Romania in the warm-up match debut, the Russian famous Simo Ting lost, "To tell the truth, I can not wait to welcome fans and players around the world, I I hope this game will give everyone a better understanding of Russia, and learn a little Russian.

As the host of the 2018 World Cup in Russia, will also host a year before the Confederations Cup, the main objective of this event is to test the Russian security and facilities such as hardware and software for the Russian World Cup to lay a good foundation. According to the arrangement, in 2017 the Russian Fed Cup will be arranged in June and July period, participated in eight teams are fifa 17 ios coins, Germany (World Cup champion), Australia (Asian Cup champion), Chile Cup), Mexico (in the North American and Caribbean Gold Cup), New Zealand (Oceania champion), Portugal (European Cup) and the African Cup.

It is worth mentioning that the African Cup has not yet produced, the race will be in January and February next year, won the championship team to participate in the Confederations Cup. also offer all kinds cheap fifa 17 coins.

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